Robin portrait

Robin portrait



Friday, October 13, and
Saturday, October 14, 2017
9:00 AM to 4:40 PM

Bessel van der Kolk calls EMDR the “most effective treatment available for adult trauma survivors”. Ego State Therapy is often used in tandem with EMDR and is a simple, effective, and versatile therapeutic tool that can be used alone or combined with other therapies.

Ego states are bundles of neural connections that hold consistent patterns of information, affect, attention, behaviour, and sometimes identity, and that belong to different developmental ages or situations. Ego State Therapy allows therapists to assist clients to identify, heal, retrain, and integrate these states into a cohesive, functional whole that is oriented to the present.

This workshop offers a practical overview of Ego State Therapy for dissociative and non-dissociative clients. Robin Shapiro brings her practical and often entertaining approach to invaluable concepts and methods. You will learn a working model of ego states and concrete step-by-step remedies for everyday relationship issues, personality disorders, and complex trauma and dissociation. Through the ego state lens, you will learn how to access positive states and keep the parts oriented to the present, how to contain and heal distressed and destructive parts, and how to work with suicidal parts and deal with personality-disordered clients.

All attendees, whether they know EMDR or not, will learn tools for beefing up clients’ internal resources and helping clients find their “oldest, wisest adult selves”.

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You will learn —

  • How to bring forth clients’ most functional selves
  • How to help affect-phobic clients notice, name, and tolerate their emotions
  • Techniques to address attachment deficits and disorders
  • How to help sexual abuse survivors connect to and develop healthy adult sexuality
  • How to diagnose and work with clients with borderline or narcissistic personality disorder
  • How to recognize and treat highly dissociative clients
  • How to name and work with your own unique ego states

Fees and registration

Single Earlybird Rate
(Up to September 7, 2017)
Single Regular Rate
(After September 7, 2017)
$440 HST $465 + HST

(see Fees page for multiple registration discount)

Robin portrait

About the Speaker

Robin Shapiro, LICSW, edited and contributed to EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing and EMDR Solutions II: Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance and More, and wrote The Trauma Treatments Handbook and Easy Ego State Interventions. She loves her work: writing; presenting about ego states, EMDR topics, and suicide prevention; clinical consulting for EMDR and other therapies; and maintaining her psychotherapy practice of 35 years, especially around issues of trauma, anxiety, and attachment. For more information, please visit

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