Children, Families, and Trauma:
A Relational Approach

Seminar code: HAR-F20

Ken Hardy Ken Hardy, PhD
Date: Thursday, November 15, and
Friday, November 16, 2012
2-day workshop
Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Location: YWCA Elm Centre,
87 Elm Street, Toronto
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Fee: $365 (+ HST) up to Sept. 13
$389 (+ HST) after Sept. 13
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Trauma, all too often, is a predictable event that underpins the everyday life experiences of most children and families involved in therapy. In fact, possessing a good working knowledge of the nuances of the effects of trauma is essential to providing intensive therapy with children and families whether or not trauma is indicated as a part of the presenting concern.

Unfortunately, most approaches to trauma today — including EMDR, somatic therapies, hypnosis, and most psychodynamic treatments — take the individual as their exclusive focus. Ignoring the impact of trauma on the client’s family, however, overlooks powerful dynamics that are crucial to treatment outcome.

You will learn how to involve the trauma sufferer’s partner and other family members as resources in the healing process. You will also learn about the stages of trauma recovery, how to better educate clients about the typical symptoms of trauma, and how to help family members both soothe and set limits with the traumatized person. Kenneth hardy will also discuss the typical pitfalls families encounter — including the depleting response of “enough already” — as a family member tries to heal from a trauma. Special attention will be devoted to examining the critical intersection that often exists between trauma and the dynamics of socio-cultural oppression.

You will learn —

  • How to adopt a Relational Approach to trauma-based work with children and families
  • Strategies and techniques for assessing and treating trauma that is embedded within intimate relationships
  • About the hidden wounds of trauma and oppression, and about strategies and techniques for treating them
  • About relevant Self of the Therapist issues that may facilitate or impede your clinical effectiveness

Books by Ken Hardy:

Teens Who Hurt: Clinical Interventions to Break the Cycle of Adolescent Violence Teens Who Hurt:
Clinical Interventions to Break the Cycle of Adolescent Violence
by Ken Hardy
Offering a fresh perspective on treatment, this book presents an overarching framework and numerous specific strategies for working with violent youth and their families. The authors draw on extensive experience to identify four critical factors that push some adolescents to commit harmful, even deadly acts: devaluation, erosion of community, dehumanized loss, and rage. Effective ways to address each of these factors in clinical and school settings are discussed and illustrated with evocative case material. The book also provides essential guidance on connecting with aggressive teens--many of whom have endured traumas of their own--and managing difficult situations that are likely to arise in therapy.

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About the Presenter

Kenneth V. Hardy, PhD, is a professor of family therapy at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is also the Director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships in New York City, where he maintains a private practice specializing in working with traumatized and oppressed populations. Dr. Hardy is the former Director of the Center for Children, Families, and Trauma at the Ackerman Institute, and he served on the faculty at Syracuse University, where he held numerous positions, including Director of Clinical Training and Research, as well as Chairperson of the Department of Child and Family Studies. He is acclaimed for his contributions that have prompted critical thought about the hidden but significant connections that often exist between trauma and issues of oppression. Dr. Hardy is the co-author of three books: Revisioning Family Therapy: Race, Class, and Gender; Teens Who Hurt: Clinical Interventions for Breaking the Cycle of Violence; and Minorities and Family Therapy.