Thursday, November 16, 2017
9:00 AM to 4:40 PM

Would it surprise you to know that sex problems are the most common mental health problem in Canada according to a recent study — even more than anxiety and depression combined?

This clinically oriented workshop will help you become more comfortable integrating sexual issues and interventions into couple and individual therapy.

Traditionally, sex problems were viewed as a symptom of an individual or relationship problem.  In this workshop, we will deal with sexual problems directly utilizing a psychobiosocial model for assessment and treatment.  We will explore treatment of sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm dysfunction.  In addition, we will explore controversial issues including the role and meaning of extra marital affairs (EMA), the use and misuse of erotic fantasies and porn, therapeutic and iatrogenic approaches to sexual trauma, issues of sexual orientation and gender presentation, and therapeutic strategies for dealing with sexual secrets (especially “shameful” secrets).

As you increase your comfort in asking questions related to sexuality, thereby establishing yourself as a pro-sexuality clinician who is open to addressing sexual problems, your clients will come to know you as an “askable” clinician.

You will learn —

  • To identify the roles of healthy sexuality in the couple relationship
  • To conduct an individual psychological/relational/sexual history
  • In the couple feedback session, to create a genuine personal narrative which includes each partner’s strengths and vulnerabilities
  • To help the couple make a “wise” decision about their relationship after making meaning of an affair (EMA). If they decide to repair their marriage, you will learn how to build a new trust agreement and couple sexual style.
  • How to utilize psychosexual skill exercises to enhance desire/pleasure/eroticism/satisfaction
  • To design and implement an individualized relapse prevention plan
  • How to integrate intimacy and eroticism for the woman, man, and couple
  • To perceive how the couple sexual style differs from their general relational style

Fees and registration

Single Earlybird Rate
(Up to September 7, 2017)
Single Regular Rate
(After September 7, 2017)
$250 HST $265 + HST

(see Fees page for multiple registration discount)


About the Speaker

Barry McCarthy, PhD, is a professor of psychology at American University, a diplomate in clinical psychology, a certified sex therapist, and a certified couples therapist.  He has published more than 110 professional articles, 29 book chapters, and 14 books.  Barry has presented more than 450 professional workshops in the United States and internationally.  In 2016 he received the Masters and Johnson award for lifetime contributions to the sexuality field.

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