Thursday, November 23, 2017
9:00 AM to 4:40 PM
Multi-Faith Centre/Koffler House
(569 Spadina Avenue, Toronto)

Michael Decaire, a Toronto psychologist, has implemented and trained others in technology that can transform the practice of therapy and counselling. This workshop will explore how you can strengthen connection, accessibility, and timeliness of treatment by seamlessly managing the treatment and surrounding logistics through new technology.

The “next wave” of psychotherapy is one of self-reflection followed by action. In today’s world, tools like Greenspace and other new software, apps, and online services can help you to collect measurable outcomes and deconstruct the therapeutic process so that you can take action in a more timely and informed way. Your increasingly tech-savvy clients will both appreciate and be intrigued by these inventive and engaging approaches.

By capturing the session-by-session and week-by-week experience of your clients, you will be able to augment and focus treatment to meet client needs and demonstrate concrete change that both rewards and inspires further progress. By exploring the practice of psychotherapy, you will be able to streamline treatment and spend more time being a therapist instead of an administrator.

By the end of this workshop, you will be acquainted with new technological possibilities that will assist your clients and provide you with new feedback and communication tools. Michael Decaire has helped hundreds of private practices and institutions improve treatment outcomes. An excellent and compelling presenter, he will share his insight and experience through videos and case examples.

You will learn —

  • How free and secure technology-assisted progress monitoring through Greenspace provides immediate feedback on the therapeutic process and your client’s subjective psychological experience
  • How cost-effective tools, many of which your clients may already own (e.g., Apple Watch or FitBit), can be used to quantifiably track behavioural change
  • About technology like Muse, which can provide quantifiable evidence of cognitive change
  • How to implement “telepsychology” into your practice ethically and efficaciously through individualized therapy or software-assisted treatment (e.g., TAO Connect)
  • What the future of psychotherapy will look like through augmented and virtual reality
  • How services like Psychotherapy Matters allow you to collaborate with psychiatry for medical consults and medication management
  • How to build a software solution for your practice to streamline electronic health records, manage your business, and get paid faster and more easily

Fees and registration

Single Earlybird Rate
(Up to September 7, 2017)
Single Regular Rate
(After September 7, 2017)
$250 HST $265 + HST

(see Fees page for multiple registration discount)

New registrants of this workshop are now eligible for a 33% discount on this workshop. To receive a 33% discount, please enter the code mus33 in the box “Flyer code” when you register online. NOTE: this discount is good for new registrations only and cannot be retroactively applied.

michael decaire

About the Speaker

Michael Decaire, MA, CPsych, RPsych, RP, is a clinician, trainer/educator, and consultant who has assisted hundreds of private practices and institutions in exploring their psychological/psychotherapeutic processes and the business of being a treatment provider.  He is the founder of FLEX Psychology, which provides online and in-person treatment, as well as international consultation and training for treatment providers.  He has an interest in integrating technology into and around the treatment process, resulting in high demand as a consultant for startups entering into that sector.  His immersive role in health governance as a graduate-level educator and the President of the Ontario Association of Psychological Associates (OAPA) has allowed him to influence the direction of psychotherapy while maintaining a focus on ethical and efficacious practice.  Michael has been an invited speaker internationally at conferences and symposiums for over 15 years;  this will be his second time presenting for Leading Edge Seminars. He is also presenting with 3 Muse Colleagues in a presentation called “Muse In Therapy”

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